Shredded Tire Mulch For Playground is Fun, But is it Safe?

By | October 18, 2019

I am absolutely bought on shredded tire mulch for the playgrounds. I had the high-quality time at the park for the reason that I become a infant due to it 안전놀이터.

I first like to can help you know that I am a grandmother of two lovely girls. One is nine and the alternative is two. When I spend time with them I take them to the park often. Just like I did for my children.

Although these two are a whole lot more active, especially the two 12 months old daredevil princess. She is so brave and desires to try and do the whole thing the older kids do.

The park setups are so excellent now with the brand new rubber surfaces, sand, and tire mulch.The sand was incredible till you had to smooth every inch of your toddler before going into the house just to take away the outer sand. Not to mention the sand for the cleansing section two while interior.

Playground Surface Options

The sand was always everywhere! Hair, clothing, diapers, and toes! How awful, but the kids always had a notable time.

Rubber Matted Surface
The rubber matted playground surface become a totally imaginative idea but with Florida warmness the grounds had been so warm, you needed to worry about the youngsters getting burnt. The rubber disheveled floor absorbed a lot warmness.

Shredded Tire Mulch
The shredded tire mulch become the solution all along. I even bear in mind trying to think about approaches to may also them useful because of the issues with the disposal problems.The shredded tires are dyed one-of-a-kind colorings, They stay cool due to the small components and the youngsters have amusing gambling, falling and jumping in them.

Rubber tire mulch for playgrounds had to be one of the first-rate thoughts of this time. I enjoyed myself like never before. I of path had to attempt out this new floor. (When different adults have been no longer around).

I slid down the slides for the primary time in lots of a few years. I turned into hooked as have been my grandchildren. My year old granddaughter had no bumps and bruises from falling. I am quite sure she whilst she did fall, she did it on motive!

No sand clean up, no surfaces too warm from sun.This is exquisite I tell you….Or is it?

Hazardous Waste
Now after the exhilaration wore off weeks later I remembered that tires were continually considered poisonous waste. My in addition studies permit’s me recognise that the chemical in the mulch reason gardens now not to perform nicely because of these chemical being released while wet.

Gardener are informed that they do not have to mulch for the next 10 years. But not advised approximately the mulch stunting the boom of the flora or the other poisonous additive this mulch aka tire rubber has.

*Chemicals Found In Rubber Tires – Just to call a few…

-Benzene Phytates

-PAHs Maganese

-Carbon Black Latex

-Benzothiazole Butylated hydroxyanisole

-n-hexadecane 4-(t-octyl) phenol


These pollution inside the tire rubber had been considered a danger for decades. Tire carrier station literally had to pay to eliminate the antique tires that had get replaced.

I ought to ask myself what might occur years from now with the youngsters enjoying themselves in those parks.What takes place once they have put their arms in their mouths one too generally? Will we be amazed with side influences later?

Sand become a extremely good idea until we realized children had been getting ringworm from it.Not to say the inconvenience entry into our children’s garments.

Protective Steps To Take

Bathe your kids at once after the park visit.
Do not placed portions in mouth.
Warn your baby that they have to now not devour whilst gambling at park to save you any touch with mouth.
I know that that is information that people don’t want to pay attention because we recognize park breaks. However we recognize healthy youngsters better. So Inform them and have a laugh!