Is New York City Rigging Their Parking Meters?

By | November 7, 2019

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“Parking Expert” Erik Feder receives a NYC parking price ticket – on

Is it viable that the City has rigged a few kind of system that
detects while a motorist has left their vehicle at a meter with out
paying? Many readers of PARKAZINE (“Parking Expert” Erik Feder’s
loose NYC parking e-publication) bitch approximately how speedy NYC police and
site visitors officers write parking tickets – especially at parking meters. These
drivers lament the truth that they most effective left their cars for a minute and
BANG! – there has been a parking price ticket on the windshield towing in manhattan.

The experiment: The Parking Expert tries it for himself

After getting dozens of emails complaining about this kind of element, Erik
figured that either A.) People were exaggerating and they have been surely
long past loads longer than a minute or B.) Something humorous goes on. With
that in mind, he determined to behavior a touch test. Feder parked at
a meter on 2d Ave in Manhattan, failed to placed money in the meter,
started out his stopwatch and ducked into a pizzeria. With no police or
visitors officials in sight; the “Parking Expert” decided he’d wait up to ten
minutes and leave if he did not get a ticket.

The result: Faster than you can say “Except Sunday”

The first minute passed uneventfully. Suddenly, a police vehicle zoomed up
and stopped along Erik’s car. The officer sat there for some
seconds, hopped out, slapped a ticket at the windshield and sped
away. The time on Feder’s stopwatch: 93 seconds!

Coincidence? While some might imagine so, the “Parking Expert” is skeptical.
As for the parking ticket, of route he turned into making plans to pay it, however even
although the price tag changed into created with one of those new hand held
computers, the time of issuance, date of offense, parking meter # and
parking price ticket # are all either missing or illegible. You KNOW that Feder
is preventing this one!

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