How to Log Into Linksys Router, If You Forget the Password

By | July 9, 2019

The passwords for Linksys router are set up at the time the initial router is set up and it can be altered later on. But it is very vital to set the password again to avoid any unofficial access to the router’s website page. But after setting the password if one finds it hard to remember the password, then it might be difficult to log into router. But, all problems have their solutions. The following guidelines might be of some help to you.

1. If you’ve forgotten your Linksys router password, just reset the router to its first stage, and to reinstate the router configuration for factoring defaults, hold the reset button for around 30 seconds. This would reset the default name and also access your IP address.

2. Reconfigure the complete system and manage your Linksys router passwords by connecting Ethernet ports to the PC while at the same time logging onto the URL http:// This allows you to view a dialog box which asks you the username and password for logging into your router. In this case, the ‘admin’ must be entered. Once the login screen passes off, the router is reconfigured. You can now visit the management tabs and change the password of the admin to avoid anyone else’s access to the router. After the administrator password has been changed; the WEP or WAP security must be enabled to ward off any unauthorized access into the wireless network.

3. To remember the code, always prefer the correct password that is a more complex code so that others find it hard to access. Keep a printed copy of this intricate code safely so that you could restore it as and when needed.

4. Read the instruction manual carefully before you install and get the router as well as the ports to work efficiently together. By doing this you would be able to log in to Linksys router.