Gift Card Question – Using Visa or American Express Gift Cards on PayPal

By | January 27, 2020

One of the maximum popular present card questions online is whether or not you possibly can hyperlink pay as you go present cards just like the Visa gift card to a PayPal account. The brief answer is Yes and No.

Now, the long solution: Yes, it is feasible to hyperlink a prepaid gift card like the Visa or American Express gift card to a PayPal account but for this to occur, you need to hope and desire that PayPal does no longer require you to undergo their Expanded Use verification method. To higher apprehend why, you first need to be familiar with the technique for linking a credit card to a PayPal account. When you link your credit card to a PayPal account, PayPal will try to affirm your address with your credit score card employer. If the credit card company is not capable of affirm your deal with, then you will be asked by PayPal to finish their Expanded Use enrollment method a good way to prompt your credit score card.

Expanded Use verification way PayPal will rate your credit score card a small approximately. Next to the charge will be a unique, randomly generated four-digit Expanded Use code. If you have on line get admission to on your credit card interest, the price and code will seem for your card activity in approximately 2-four commercial enterprise days. If you do now not have on line get entry to, you have to wait until you acquire your announcement in the mail to get the 4-digit code. If you are including a debit card to your PayPal account, your four-digit Expanded Use code will be revealed for your financial institution assertion next to the charge.

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Once you get the 4-digit code, you need to return on your PayPal account to go into the code per instructions from PayPal. Once finished, and PayPal confirms which you entered the ideal code, you’ll now be able to use the card for PayPal transactions. The Expanded Use verification manner is designed to defend you towards fraud by means of verifying that the character attempting to use the credit score card sincerely owns the card. PayPal will later credit the quantity charged for your card on your PayPal account.

Now, here lies the hassle with the use of pay as you go or financial institution issued present cards. If PayPal is unable to verify your cope with with the present card provider, then you will be requested to undergo the Expanded Use system. Since most prepaid gift cards do not problem monthly statements or provide online access to gift card transactions, it will be impossible to finish the Expanded Use method. Also, it isn’t an excellent idea to call the credit card or gift card company to get the four-digit Expanded Use code. If PayPal receives a grievance from your card company that you called them to get the 4-digit code, PayPal will close your account permanently.

So, the first step to attempting to use a prepaid gift card on PayPal is to make sure the name and cope with (billing deal with) to your PayPal account suits the call and deal with on record with the present card issuer. If you simply bought your pay as you go gift card, call the cardboard company and add your name and address to the cardboard. If your statistics (name and cope with) has modified since you registered your card, name the card issuer or log on and update your records before you use the cardboard on PayPal.

Once that is achieved, you just need to hope that PayPal is capable of successfully affirm your address with the gift card company. If they are able to verify your cope with, then you are all set. If they cannot verify your deal with with the cardboard provider, then you in all likelihood will not be capable of use that gift card on PayPal.