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Fuji Finepix HS50 EXR 42x Zoom Digital Bridge Camera

*16 Million Pixels* *42x Optical Zoom* *Full HD Movies*

The Fuji FinePix HS50EXR features a manual zoom mechanism for high precision zooming over the huge 42x focal length range (24-1000mm). Boasting stunning autofocus speeds of just 0.05seconds thanks to new Phase Detection pixels on its ½-inch EXR CMOS II sensor, this all-in-one camera is a high-speed performer and will capture images with stunning crisp quality.

The Fuji HS50EXR is now also the ideal camera for the budding cinematographer with a built in stereo microphone. Thanks to the ½-inch EXR CMOS II sensor, the HS50EXR is capable of Full 1080p HD movie recording at up to 60 fps. Plus if you want to be more a little more creative you can record lower resolution movies at up to 480 frames per second – and capture some amazing slow motion action.

Fuji HS50 EXR Features at a Glance:

  • FUJINON 42x optical manual zoom (f/2.8-5.6 24-1000mm)
  • Optical Image Stabilisation
  • Up to 84x with Intelligent Digital Zoom
  • 16 megapixel ½-inch EXR-CMOS II sensor with Phase Detection AF
  • EXR Processor II
  • Intelligent Hybrid AF : 0.05sec, one of the world’s fastest 
  • Continuous shooting: 11fps at full resolution (Max 5 frames), 5.5fps at 8M for seamless capture
  • Start-up time of 0.5 sec.
  • Shooting interval of 0.5sec.
  • 108 EXR Auto shooting patterns
  • Full HD movie 1080p/60fps with continuous phase detection AF and stereo sound
  • 3.0-inch Vari-Angle LCD screen(920K-dot)
  • High resolution EVF(920K-dot) with eye sensor
  • Q button for direct control of settings
  • Super Macro down to 1cm
  • Manual exposure control (P/S/A/M modes)
  • Focus Peak Highlight function on the LCD screen
  • RAW shooting (RAW, JPEG, RAW+JPEG image capture modes)
  • 8 Advanced Filters
  • 10 Film simulation modes
  • Multiple exposure
  • Image capture aspect ratio of 1:1 (square) in addition to 4:3, 16:9, and 3:2
  • Virtual horizon “electronic level” display
  • External microphone input (microphones sold separately)
  • Hot-shoe attachment for the use of external flash guns
  • Lithium-ion battery with up to 500 shots per charge

New EXR CMOS II sensor with Phase Detection

The HS50EXR boasts the latest FUJIFILM EXR sensor technology: a 16 megapixel ½-inch EXR CMOS II sensor, coupled with the EXR Processor II, which achieves twice the processing speed of the previous EXR processor.

The biggest difference over the previous HS30EXR is the inclusion of Phase Detection pixels on the sensor to achieve an incredibly fast autofocus speed of just 0.05 seconds in fastest conditions, less than a third of the 0.16 seconds AF speed of the HS30EXR. The Intelligent Hybrid AF system can choose between Phase Detection AF or switch to Contrast AF in low light to ensure the optimal focus system is used – dependent on the shooting conditions.

Extreme 42x Optical Zoom Lens + 84x Advanced Digital Zoom

The newly developed Fujinon optical 42x manual zoom lens (24 - 1,000mm) effectively combines aspherical lenses, ED lens, and integrated lenses to achieve a bright aperture rating of f/2.8 - 5.6, and image stabilization. Super Macro mode allows close-up shooting from as near as 1cm and the manual barrel zoom ensures speedy, intuitive control of the camera.

Controlled by the convenient Function (Fn) button, the Intelligent Digital Zoom offers an astonishing 84x magnification power, the equivalent of a 2000mm focal length. In addition to magnifying the image, the EXR sensor intelligently minimizes noise in flat areas and sharpens and enhances contrast in edge areas and to create natural clarity and crispness even at super-telephoto magnification. Intelligent Digital Zoom also functions in EXR AUTO mode, to guarantee you exceptional shots with minimal effort.

3.0-inch Vari-Angle LCD screen

The HS50EXR boasts two key features which help you shoot your favourite types of scene. Its 920K dot, highly detailed Electronic Viewfinder is perfect for helping you frame your composition in bright sunlight, or if you wear glasses. And if you are trying to take tricky, close to the ground, macro flower shots or want to capture the band on the main stage above the heads of the crowd, you can switch to the very useful 3.0-inch Vari-Angle LCD screen.


Again boasting a detailed 920K dots, the LCD screen can fold out and flip around so you can see what you are taking – no matter what the angle you’re trying to shoot at.

Electronic Viewfinder with Eye Sensor

The FinePix HS50EXR boasts a high-resolution (920K-dot) electronic viewfinder equipped with an eye sensor, making it easier to frame subjects and check focus in bright daylight conditions. The bright EVF accommodates a traditional shooting style, making it easy to steady the camera, even when shooting with the 42x zoom fully extended.

Q button : Fast Shortcut to Shooting Menu Settings

Skip directly to frequently used shooting menus with the Q (Quick Menu) button. ISO sensitivity setting, White Balance, Film Simulation and other frequently used shooting settings are displayed in a list. Just use the 4-way controller to select the item and the command dial to change settings for speedy operation while shooting.

Powerful Optical Image Stabilization

Lens shift image stabilization ensures that even hand-held shots are free from blur.

Continuous shooting: 11fps at full resolution (max. 5 frames)

Thanks to the Fuji HS50EXR's heady mix of sensor and processing technologies, brilliant action shots are possible no matter how fast the subject is moving. Whether you’ve got your HS50EXR trained on sport, wildlife or just the kids running around, continuous full resolution shooting at 11 frames per second (max 5 frames, captured) will make sure they’re stopped in their tracks.

Artistic shooting effects

The Fuji HS50EXR features FUJIFILM's proprietary Film Simulation modes. Users can choose from ten different modes which simulate the effects of traditional FUJIFILM films. Including colour reversal film effects (Velvia / PROVIA / ASTIA).  Also available on the HS50EXR are the Advanced Filter functions; users can choose from 8 different artistic filters which can be previewed on the LCD screen:

Pop Colour - emphasises contrast and colour saturation

Toy Camera - creates shaded borders as if you were taking a photo on a toy camera

Miniature - adds top and bottom blur for a diorama or miniature effect

Dynamic Tone - creates a fantasy effect by dynamically-modulated tonal reproduction

Partial Colour - retains one selected original colour and change the rest of the photo to black and white. Colours can be selected from red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple for dramatic effect.

High Key - enhances brightness and reduces contrast to lighten tonal reproduction

Low Key  – creates uniformly dark tones with few areas of emphasised highlights

Soft Focus  – blurring the focus of the image edges to create a softer effect

Multiple Exposure

This function offers users the chance to combine two separate subjects into one photo, ideal for creative photos with artistic effects.

Beautiful hand-held night scenes

Frames captured with high-speed continuous shooting at high sensitivity are overlapped to create a single optimum image, keeping noise to an absolute minimum. Image blur is minimized, even when camera is hand-held.

Full 1080p HD Movies & One Touch Record Button

The HS50EXR is now the ideal camera for the budding cinematographer thanks to the built in stereo microphone. Thanks to the ½-inch EXR CMOS II sensor, the HS50EXR is capable of Full 1080p HD movie recording at up to 60 fps. Plus if you want to be more a little more creative you can record lower resolution movies at up to 480 frames per second – and capture some amazing slow motion action.



Sometimes things happen too fast for you to see them properly with your own eyes. The FinePix HS50EXR can freeze the action at up to an amazing 480fps! So you can see every single minute detail and watch things happening step by step in slow motion. The Phase Detection pixel technology and scene recognition modes aren’t limited to still photos; they also come into play when recording video to ensure that your masterpiece stays focused.

External stereo microphone (microphone sold separately)

Connect an external stereo microphone (MIC-ST1) to the dedicated input socket and you can get amazing sound to rival the image quality.

Simply connect any HDMI cable available in the market to the HDTV and enjoy the full impact of high resolution images and movies.

Fuji HS50 EXR Package Contents

  • Fuji Finepix HS50 EXR Digital Camera

  • 2GB SD Memory Card *Today's Special Offer*

  • Li-ion battery NP-W126

  • Battery charger BC-W126

  • Shoulder strap

  • USB cable

  • Lens cap and Lens cap cord

  • CD-ROM

  • Lens hood

  • Owner's manual

  • UK Warranty & Registration Card

All our Fuji HS50 EXR cameras are genuine UK models from Fuji UK

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