Advantages And Disadvantages of Vector Images

By | September 13, 2019

The vector pictures are outlined mathematically, based mostly on their geometric traits. To be exact, a vector picture is described by a set of geometric primitives that describe factors, traces, curves, and polygons to which we will attribute colours and shades. They’re radically totally different from raster pictures, that are described as a grid of correctly coloured pixels.

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1. Normally, vector pictures would require lesser disk house than a bitmap. They’re principally fashioned by flat colours or easy gradients due to which they don’t require plenty of disk house. Lesser the data to create the picture, smaller is the file measurement. Thus, they’re given extra desire compared to different pictures.

2. Vector pictures don’t lose high quality when they’re scaled. In precept, a vector picture may be scaled indefinitely. Within the case of matrix pictures, a degree is reached the place it’s evident that the picture consists of pixels. Thus, the standard of vector pictures is superior to different types of pictures.

3. They are often simply saved and modified sooner or later. The perfect half is that, the method of modification is kind of easy as nicely. All types of adjustments may be simply managed with none issue. Even when a file is modified, the resultant file doesn’t occupy plenty of house. That is another excuse why they’re used throughout industries.

4. The method of making them is kind of easy as nicely. In actual fact, utilizing easy drawings we will get advanced vector pictures with out plenty of issue. Easy and user-friendly applications resembling Macromedia Freehand, Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator can be utilized for creating easy drawings, which may be transformed to vector pictures.


1. They’re usually not appropriate for encoding footage or movies taken within the “actual world” (for instance – images of nature), though some codecs assist a combined composition. Just about all digital cameras retailer pictures in bitmap.

2. The information used to explain them have to be processed by a strong machine, i.e. the pc have to be highly effective sufficient to carry out the mandatory calculations for forming the ultimate picture. If the information quantity is excessive it might decelerate the rendering of the picture on display screen, even when working with small information.

3. One other drawback is that, even small drawing errors are sometimes seen, when the pictures are enlarged to sure extent. Such an incident can have an effect on the standard of the pictures, particularly when they’re used within the subject of animation.

Even if vector pictures have a couple of disadvantages, they’ve a variety of functions and are carried out within the fields of pc graphics, structure and engineering and many others.